Saturday, December 15, 2007


We put our house on the market, not expecting it to sell for a while. Unfortunately, it sold fast and we have to be out by December 31st. It's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks trying to find another house but we finally got an excepted offer yesterday. We will be moving into a townhome in Centennial Ranch---Brad's sort of in shock---I don't think he ever imagined himself living in a townhome and having his neighbors so close. At least by the middle of January we should be settled again. We're looking forward to the future though...we're planning on buying a lot (hopefully North of town) and building again. Last time we built, I said I didn't want to do it again for a while, it's funny how you forget things so fast.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Playing around

Grayson was in such a good mood last night. He loves laying on our bed watching the fan go around and around.
Tayor bought Grayson this silly sweater from the Dollar store (I looks like a dog sweater to me). We tried it on him last night and he looked adorable, especially wearing it on his head.

Just practicing

My sisters are going to kill me if they see these pictures on here but...I posted them anyway. Hilary and Taylor came over last Sunday and I made them pose with Grayson so I could figure out where Brad and I wanted to have our family Christmas picture taken---thanks girls!