Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Busy Weekend

We had a GREAT weekend!!! Friday was my day off so Grayson and I went to Chloe's birthday at Rigby Lake. The weather was sort of crappy but it didn't stop us from having fun, Grayson loved throwing the mud and rocks in the water and eventually even got in the lake. The next day Brad had to work and Grayson and I went to the zoo. He had a fabulous time but for some reason wouldn't smile in ANY of my pictures so you'd never know he had such a good time. Afterwards, we met Brad for lunch at Arctic Circle where he got to play even more. Luckily we tuckered him out and he came home and took a much needed nap. The next day Brad and I pressed our luck at the horse races, Brad won $20 but unfortunately it costs us $60 to get it, oh...well, we had such a great time we're headed back this weekend. Then on Sunday my parents invited us up to float the canal. Brad wasn't going to get in the raft but at the last minute he changed his mind (I think he was nervous about me taking Grayson by myself). It's a good thing he came though, the canal was so...fast I probably would have had a hard time stopping by myself. Plus there was a ferocious dog that almost jumped in after us about half way through the ride. All worked out well though and we had lots of fun.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Some random pics from our Fourth of July weekend, I can't believe it's already over and back to work tomorrow:( My work gave us the day off on July 2nd so our holiday actually started quite early. On Thusday, Gray and I went to see the flags off of Broadway, it was cool to see so many of them, Grayson loved it. Then, Kim and I tried to take the kiddies to the Splash Park in Rexburg but opps...someone peed in the pool so they closed it down. We had to think fast, we ended up in Rigby at my mom's house playing on the slip'n slide---we still had lots of fun. Friday we played at my mom's house and Brad went golfing. Later that night, we went to a BBQ at Brad's aunts house, Grayson played with the dozens of cousins. Even later that night, we gathered lots of friends/family and Brad's friends entertained us with their guitars and amazing voices. It was an awesome night---I think we'll make it our annual tradition, while they were singing the Rigby firework display could be seen from my parents patio---so fun. The next day, we were all tired. Brad and my dad played in the Annual Flag tournament---Brad didn't do so hot----I wish I could say he still had fun but....he says he didn't. Then we went boating and to another BBQ. We were so tired after all the fun we'd had that we didn't even stay for the BIG fireworks. However, as we were driving home I could see them out my window, I turned on KLCE and enjoyed what I could. Overall, it was a wonderful break from work and a lot of fun to be with friends and family. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND ALL THOSE WHO FIGHT TO PROTECT OUR FREEDOM~

We're Movin' Out

Not too far though....actually only about a 5 minute bike ride away from where we live right now. We finally sold the townhouse. I have to admit it wasn't too terrible but now that Grayson's getting older he needs a yard with a swing set, etc. We found a nice house that we think will be perfect for our family (I like it more than Brad but hopefully it will grow on him after we put our touches on it). Anyways, I'll post photos after we're in, only 2 weeks away!