Friday, June 25, 2010

Somebody turned 3

On May 31st our little man turned 3!!! We made the most of the rainy day and took Gray and some friends to Blast Off. Later, we had a Pirate Themed party with family. Grayson was spoiled with lots of fun gifts. His favorite....a "real" set of golf clubs from daddy.

It's beginning to look a lot like summer......

We decided to go to Heise and go swimming since the weather was actually sort of nice--we weren't brave enought to go to the cold pool but enjoyed the warm pool instead. We had lots of fun, up until Grayson tripped on the pavement and got all cut up. Nothing a little pizza and video games couldn't cure though. I think Gray ate like 3 slices on his own----yum yum!

Grayson's Preschool Program

Grayson's Preschool had it's end of the year program, "Under Construction" in May. It was to watch the kids sing their songs. I don't think I ever saw anything ever come out of Gray's mouth but...he did clap a few times. In the middle of the program this other little boy touched Gray's face, apparently he didn't like that and pushed the kid. I was REALLY embarassed. Luckily the teacher noticed and they were separated---he's definitely his father's kid.

Grayson's New Friends

Grayson has some new friends--Hadley and Harley. They're grandma lives next door to my parents so they get to see each other pretty often. They all have so much fun together playing priates, in the sandbox, getting in the hottub, playing on the swings, etc. Grayson gets so excited when they come's going to be a fun summer!