Sunday, August 24, 2008

Father and Son

I love getting pictures of my two boys together. Since we had Grayson he's never went to daycare. The only way that is possible is because Brad is such a hands on dad and stays home with him part-time. We joke that it doesn't pay the best but we both think it's extremely important and love the fact that it's even possible. To my husband....I understand that sometimes Grayson is difficult and that and the word patience has taken on a whole new meaning since we had children but....I think your a wonderful father and I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Remember, I love you forever.
Daddy and Gray reading the "Quack Quack" book before bedtime.
Brad getting Grayson out of the tub.


Ashley said...

How adorable! It melts my heart everytime I see daddys with their kids. Is Grayson in his "big kid" bed? Too cute!

Stace said...

Such cute pictures! And congrats to Taylor for the college move - all the more reason for you to come visit! And, Taylor, if you are reading this and are missing your cute nephew...we have some cute babies you can borrow for a night and be Aunt Taylor to! He he.

vandi said...

Man, grayson just keeps getting cuter and cutter, seriously: ) Thanks for your last comments. You're so awesome. I hope work and everything else in your busy life is going great. Take care Bri: )