Thursday, October 16, 2008

Crazy Aunts

Grayson: "Mom, look what they did to me"

Grayson: "Much better!"
So...I came home from work the other day after my sisters had been watching Grayson and this is what I came home to. They had taken him to the DI and found this outfit, put him in it and drew a mole with eye liner on his upper lip. He wasn't too crazy about the whole thing but he did look awfully cute.


Ashley said...

what mean aunts! ha ha! what a little cutie pie!

Stace said...

oh my! :) I bet his daddy was glad to get him out of that outfit!

Felde Family said...

I think I remember doing something like that to some little girls! That is funny!

Sam and Carmin said...

He is too cute! He reminds me of Pinnochio in that outfit!!

You have a darling little boy, Brianna!