Saturday, March 7, 2009

Play Time

Today we went to Trayson's 6th Birthday Party. Grayson (and his dad) had tons of fun. The party was at IF Gymnastics so all the kids got to run around and jump in the foam pit. I wanted to take lots more pictures but unfortunately my camera died after only taking 2. Anyways, we all had a great time and are planning on going back for Brad's 32nd birthday:)


Stace said...

Yea! New pictures - I was thinking we needed some! Grayson is so cute and happy at that party. Oh, and I love "magic eraser" for cleaning - it might work for marker??!! See you soon! Love ya!

vandi said...

What a little gymnast! I love your family picture at the top. What a cute family. Plus, Grayson's hair is too cute: ) Hope things are going awesome for you guys!