Monday, May 11, 2009

What happens in Vegas....stays in Vegas

In the limo on the way to the hotel

Hil, getting her groove on at Coyote Ugly

Hil and me at Hooters

Mom eating her shrimp cocktail

The family (missing Tay and G) at Fremont Street

Brad and I just got back from a much needed weekend getaway to Las Vegas. We went with my mom and dad, Hilary, Amie and Tom. We had a really fun time and the weather was wonderful. It was so nice to lay at the pool, stay out late and then be able to sleep in in the morning. Unfortunately, we didn't do too hot gambling but...chalk it up to entertainment right? We did go to a Cirqe De Solei Show, KA, (don't know how to spell that)at MGM----it was really cool, those people are amazing. Anyways, we had a fabulous time but by the time we had been there 3 nights, Brad and I were both anxious to get home and see our little G Baby. Thanks to my wonderful mother and father-in-law for taking such good care of him. Even though we missed him, we knew he was in good hands. Also, thanks to Tay for helping with him on Monday---your awesome. We are so lucky to have such WONDERFUL families.