Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reminicing---Grayson's 1st Year

As most of you know, Grayson just celebrated his 2nd Birthday on May 31st. I just finished making his second year video but...I can't post it for a few more days because I'm making my mom wait to watch it in the theatre room after it arrives. If she knows it's on my BLOG she'd probably watch it without me. Anyways, so I decided to put on the first year video, remembering how small he used to be. Next week I'll post the new video.


Stace said...

Happy 2nd birthday big boy!

I loved his first year video - so cute. Can you believe another year has gone by? Your trip to OR looks really fun too!

I'll check in again to see the next vid. :)

Ashley said...

Your video is really cute. Can't wait for the other one. Happy 2nd birthday!

ashli said...

i am so new to this, but i love those videos! you will have to help me out on creating one for us!! hope he had a great day! looks like he did