Monday, August 24, 2009

My Big Boy

I can admit this now that Gray's finally sleeping in his own bed but...up until now he was in our bed. After we moved into the new house we bought Gray his own big boy bed and he hasn't done too bad. The first night was the worst but since then he's done fabulous. However, he still usually sneaks into our bed during the early morning. I don't mind too much though, it gives me time to snuggle my baby before it's time to get ready for work. Anyways, he's even given up his plug this week. We've told him that we had to give it to a baby that didn't have any plugs. He still whines a little and just says, "Baby". We thought it was time though because he's two and on Wednesday he starts pre-school (well, pre pre-school I guess). I just can't believe how big my babys got. He's such a sweetie, I love him more than anything in this world.

Fast asleep in his "Big Boy" Bed

I know I promised house pics and since I haven't done that yet I'll at least show a picture of Gray's wall I just finished. Brad hung the vinyl which he hated but he did a great job.


Ashley said...

Yay! I hope he keeps it up. Hallie liked her big girl bed for a few nights then she was back in with us again. So frustrating! His room is really cute.

Stace said...

Yeah! What a big boy!

PS. Don't you just love vinyl?!

Renee said...

His room is beautiful!!!nice decoration!!!!His room is really cute. I hope he keeps it up...

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