Sunday, November 22, 2009

Birthday Bash....

My hubby turned 32 on November 12th. It was a Thursday but I knew I needed to try and pull off a small party. I called some of our friends and we planned a little thing. Brad tells me he didn't know about it but....I think he did. We had a fun time anyways. I didn't get very many pictures---left out lots of people (sorry) but thank you for everyone who came.
Brad---your the best, hope you had a fabuluous day!


Ashley said...

Happy birthday to Brad. November 12 is our anniversary! I also thought Grayson was so cute in his halloween costume. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Stace said...

Happy birthday Brad! Dang you are old! he he he.

Grayson looked really cute on Halloween! You still need to put up house pix. :)