Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Sunday

Easter morning with his "new" car
We bundled up and went outside for a ride, he's so...cute!
Halfway around the block Grayson fell asleep on the steering wheel, unfortunately I didn't have a camera to capture the moment
Grayson loves his easter basket, I think he liked the grass more than the candy
Brad and Teagan flying a kite, brrrr.....

We had a nice Easter this year, it was Grayson's first Easter, so that was pretty exciting. The Easter Bunny brought him a Winnie the Pooh car and some blocks, and Grandma Koster provided the Easter basket with tons of candy (just what I needed). We went to the Koster's for dinner and had a lot of fun. Brad's brother, Todd and his family were there and we hadn't seen them or the kids for a while so it was nice. Besides the weather being so cold, we had a great day!!!


Nicole said...

Oh my he is cute, I can't wait for warmer weather so that we can have playdates.