Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The other day Grayson pulled our globe on top of him and it hit his head and nose---notice the bandaid on his forehead. Anyways, he cried for a whole 1 minute and then was over it, we definitely felt worse than he did. Anyways, the globe is now in the basement with about every other decoration that we own. It's funny because when Grayson first started crawling we would just put the decorations out of his reach or distract him with something else and then at the end of the night when we picked up the house, we'd put everything back into it's spot so the house looked "pretty" again. Well, eventually that got really old and we fianlly said enought and just took everything to the basement. I have to say, it's so....much easier not having to move everything around everyday. Someday, we'll get it out again, maybe?


Nicole said...

I am still waiting to get it out again.